HPQ: Deutsche Bahn Manufacturer-related Product Qualification
HPQ Certificate from Deustche Bahn for FRP gratings in compliance with the DBS 918 010 Standard.
First issue on: February 1, 2021
CSI: Recycling certificate for composite materials
CSI: Recycling certificate for composite materials
FRP gratings, structures, fences, manholes and coverings are recyclable through molding process. In compliance with the Particular Rules CSI Doc. 003/13 based on the EN 13430 standard.
First issue on: July 6, 2020
ISO 9001:2015 Business Assurance Management System Certificate
DNV - ISO 9001:2015 Business Assurance Management System Certificate
Design and manufacture of gratings, structures, enclosures, manholes, channel covering in fiberglass reinforced plastic (Sector EA : 14)
Certificate: CERT-06854-2000-AQ-VEN-SINCERT
Initial Certificate date: 05/09/2000
Type approval certificate for the marine field
Standard gratings and phenolic grating type, (structural fire integrity level L2 - ASTM - F3059-15) for the use in the naval sector, accordingly to the application area.
Certificate: 54208/AO BV
First issue date: 22/08/2018
Certificate of Conformity for the construction field in Slovenia
ZAG - Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute –  polyester reinforced gratings for the covering channel and trench covers, for stairways, platforms/landings and fences, to be installed in corrosive environments, both inside and outside the buildings.
Certificate: REG2-0004-03 – ZGPro - 1786
First issue date: 26/04/2012

Health conformity certificate for the drinking water field in France
CARSO – Board of health accredited laboratory for water analysis (France) –  FRP profiles and gratings.
Certificate: 10 MAT LY 053
First issue date: 05/11/2010




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