Fiberglass and metal gratings


The metal gratings are the most common ones and everybody is familiar with them.


They have always been used because of their cheap investment but the metal gratings have some negative apspects that the FRP ones don't.  

On the contrary of the FRP gratings, the metal gratings have:


  • high cost of cutting / shaping
  • high cost of installation
  • cost linked to security, as it does not have a non-slip surface such as fiberglass gratings
  • maintenance cost linked to poor chemical resistance and weathering
  • shipping cost higher due to higher weight of the material
  • greater cost grounding
  • cost of pollution due to the release of hazardous substances.

The FRP gratings are confirmed, therefore, the top of the metal gratings both from the qualitative point of view of the material both from the point of view of cost / benefit ratio.


Moreover, the fiberglass gratings of MM, in comparison to those traditional metal, are produced in various sizes to ensure a ready solution to the most varied plant problems, in relation to the environment in which they will be installed.


The fiberglass gratings as opposed to metal ones can be supplied with various thermosetting resins and play a variety of applications (walkways, treads panels, electrical protection, steps, etc.), ensuring high resistance to chemicals and weathering, dimensional stability 
 and high property dielectric.


Look at all the other features of the GRP and discover how to improve your performance standards by changing your metal gratings with those fiberglass MM.

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