Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree196/2003
The company writing would like to inform you that to establish and execute the contractual relations in progress with you it holds personal and fiscal data acquired, also verbally, directly or through third parties, related to you, data qualified as personal by the above law.
With reference to that data, we would like to inform you that:
- the data is processed for contractual needs and the fulfilment of legal and contractual obligations arising from them; to permit effective management of commercial relations and for statistical, marketing, promotional, quality control and credit protection needs.
The data will be processed in writing and/or on magnetic, electronic or digital support:

- providing the data itself is obligatory for everything required by legal and contractual obligations so any refusal to do so or when processed could make it impossible for the writer to implement the contractual relations;

- however, not providing data that is not needed for legal or contractual purposes will be assessed by the writer each time to decide based on the importance of the data requested for managing the commercial relationship;

- with no prejudice to communications and circulation made to fulfil legal obligations, data may be communicated in Italy and/or abroad to: our agent network, factoring companies, credit institutions, credit recovery companies, credit insurance companies, commercial information companies, professional parties, and consultants, to companies operating in the transport sector, to couriers and customs officers, solely to protect credit and generally manage our rights related to the single commercial relationship better.
 For the same purposes, the data may be made known to the following appointed categories: employees of the commercial, shipping, purchasing, quality control, administration and production offices

- the data will be processed for as long as the contractual relationship established lasts and also afterwards to fulfil all legal obligations and for future commercial purposes;

- for what concerns that data, your firm/company may exercise the rights set forth in art.7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (see below) within the limits and under conditions foreseen in articles 8, 9 and 10 of that legislative decree;

- process controller for your personal data is with registered office Udine in Via Antonio Zanussi 300/302 Z.I.U. – tel. 0432/522970 – fax 0432/522253 – e-mail:

Art. 7 of Legislative Decree196/2003

1. The interested party has the right to receive confirmation of whether personal data concerning him/her exists or not, even if not yet registered, and be communicated as to what it is in an intelligible way.

2. The interested party has the right to receive indications:
a) of where that data comes from;
b) processing purposes and methods;
c) the logic applied if it is processed using electronic tools;
d) details of the controller, those responsible for processing and the representative appointed pursuant to article 5, clause 2;
e) the subjects and subject categories to which the personal data may be communicated or who can gain knowledge of it as representatives appointed in the State, parties responsible or appointed.

3. The interested party has the right to receive:
a) updating, rectification or, if of interest, integration of data;
b) cancellation, transformation into an anonymous format, or restriction of any data processed in breach of the law, including any that does not have to be stored for the purpose the data was collected or processed for;
c) certification that the operations listed in a) and b) above have been made known, also related to content, to those to whom the data had been communicated or disclosed; unless that compliance should be impossible or implies use of means that are manifestly disproportionate to the right protected.

4. The interested party has the right to object to, in full or partially:
- for legitimate motives, to his/her personal data being processed, even if pertinent to the collection purpose;

- to his/her personal data being processed to send advertising or direct sales material or to carry out market research or for commercial communications
Art. 9 of Legislative Decree196/2003
1. The request made to the controller or person in charge may be sent by registered letter, fax or email. The Authority for Privacy may identify other suitable systems based on new technological solutions. When it is related to exercising the rights set forth in art. 7, clauses 1 and 2, the request may also be made orally and, in that case, is noted briefly by the person appointed or responsible.

2. When exercising rights set forth in article 7, the interested party may grant, in writing, proxy or powers to individuals, bodies, associations or entities. The interested party may also be assisted by a trusted person.

3. Rights in article 7 referred to the personal data of deceased parties may be exercised by those having a right, or acting on behalf of the interested party or for family motives requiring protection.

4. The identity of the interested party is checked based on suitable elements, through deeds or documents available or exhibition or attachment of a copy of an identification document. The person acting on behalf of the interested party exhibits or attaches copy of the powers, or of the proxy written in the presence of a person appointed or signed and presented together with a non authenticated photostatic copy or an identity document of the interested party. If the interested party is a legal entity, a body or an association, the request must be made by the individual appointed to do so by respective articles of association or regulations.

5. The request in compliance with article 7, clauses 1 and 2, is made freely, with no constrictions, and may be renewed, unless there should be any justified reasons, with an interval of no less than ninety days.

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