M.M. Company is an industrial reality from almost 40 years and operates in the northeast of Italy by manufacturing fiberglass reinforced polyester products. The peculiarities of FRP - fiberglass reinforced polyester, as the resistance to corrosion, the electric insulation their non-magnetic property and the need of no maintenance, allow a large application versatility.

M.M.’s wide experience consents to offer all standard materials as gratings, profiles and structures as well as specific solutions made ad hoc according to all customer’s needs. This service is offered directly from M.M.’s technical department, which issues projects, structural calculations, feasibility studies of new gratings, corrosion analysis, consultancy, cutting and shaping processes.

Quality is the keyword of M.M.’s philosophy conceived at its fullest; this involves the choice of the raw materials, the whole production process, the consultancy, the design, the after-sales service and customer’s assistance.

Quality becomes its “Leitmotiv”, therefore no neglect to environment and sustainable development themes. M.M. moves to products that comply with the most restrictive norms on health and environment safeguard as the new range of FRP products approved for the specific use for the drinking water sector.

All structures are designed according to the EN ISO 14122 norm and the ACS range is certified for the use with potable water. This certification is issued by the Italian Health Ministry and from the French Health General Direction (“Attestation de conformité française” from which our ACS range has been conceived).

M.M. products are used in collecting, treatment, supply and distribution water plants aimed to human consumption and are installed in surge tank, hold-up tanks and sewerage manholes.

Then why should we choose FRP? Because it is a composite material that combines the best chemical performance of thermosetting plastic elements to the physical-mechanical properties of glass. This improves its Carbon Footprint (green footprint: it measures the impact of the human activities on our planet). We, citizens, companies and institutions, are all involved in the reduction of the emissions but, to do this, we need to know which the emissions are and how to reduce them.

The “green potential” of the FRP products is a fact: all surveys made by international agencies point out the better results of FRP compared to steel and aluminum, as the life-length, the global warming, the air emissions and the energy consumption.

The FRP production cycle requires less energy (over 80% less than aluminum production of grates and profiles) and there are no emission in water and definitely lower the ones in air if compared to aluminum and steel productions.

Unlike the traditional materials and because of its peculiarities, the FRP products have a longer life-length cycle due to their chemical and atmospheric agents’ corrosion resistance. Moreover they do not soften with heat, they have a high dimensional stability and a high mechanical resistance/weight ratio.

Last but not least, new technologically innovative plants allow to recycle FRP powdered production wastes for the creation of new products which in turn are recyclable.

M.M.’s target is to find new solutions and technologies that could complement the citizens’ wellness with the new lifestyle and with the available natural resources. This aims to a more integrated industrial model where people live safely and in good health, respecting the environment and its resources for the future generations.

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