At 11:30 on Sunday MAY 18th at the MUSEO di STORIA NATURALE in Milan, Corso Venezia n. 55 in HACKATON HALL, M.M. will give the opportunity to “touch innovation with hands” to everybody that will participate to this event.

MCI Contest 2014, during Wired Next Fest, is an event that the city of Milan organizes together with Wired. It is an international contest where students and experts could take part and the headline is the eclectic selection of materials for innovative design and architecture. The objective of this contest is to be an inspiration source laboratory and of projects based on material innovation. Participation is free.

Meet and greet the selected materials in the MCI Contest 2014 offer the occasion to touch with hands the highly innovative characteristics and their wide application opportunities.

Discover what M.M. Grigliati and the other companies (Arpa Industriale, Attilio Imperiali, DUNA-Corradini, Favini, Legnopan and Pelma) have created to build, to give functionality, quality and power to your ideas!
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