FRP is mostly required for corrosive environments (chemical or brackish), however this material has performative features also for the railway sector, where the presence of electricity makes the use of electrical insulators essential.

FRP is an electrically insulating (or non-conductive) material, it does not need any earthing system and eliminates the electric shock risk.
Moreover, FRP is lightweight and easy to handle: in fact, its weight is 75% lower than steel and, with its optimized mechanical resistance/weight ratio, it can be successfully used to build modular and prefabricated structures while being easy-to-work-with on site, without the need of specific tools.
Another crucial topic is the life span: FRP distinguish itself for its resistance to corrosion, temperature leaps, humidity, UV rays and low temperatures.
Such exceptional resistance qualities allow to avoid continuous and expensive maintenance operations.
Among all the advantages, also the antiskid and fire-retardant properties of the FRP gratings produced by M.M. deserve to be highlighted. In particular, the antiskid level in accordance with the DIN 51130 Standard provides and ensures a high safety level both for workers and for all the users of the railway transport.

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